Thursday, May 4, 2017

Hello Urban Life - The birth of hope within me!

Prologue:  Empathy comes to you naturally. I hear many of my friends say this to me. Stories I hear. At times from my friends, at times from the people I meet. All the little pieces of anecdotes I collected, all along, I have woven into small stories of fiction. Some where these stories may touch your heart, may make you smile, may make you think or may make you change. I'll be looking forward to hearing your feedback and your feelings about my stories and all the tiny comments coming from my readers mean a lot lot lot to me.

PS:  All stories are pulpy works of fiction. All pictures are taken from Google Images for representative purposes only.

This story, is dedicated to the depressed and Angry.

I tried hard to open my eyes. I could hear voices around me. Some familiar. "Dad, mamma will fine na?  Just tell me yes dad. When can I talk to her? Oh I miss her so badly."

I could hear Anju's voice in the background.

"Yes baby. I'm fine. Come here. Give me a hug" I tired telling her.  My lips were numb and my eyes wouldn't open. I felt nothing. Not even the fingers. I just lay there hopelessly. I didn't even know where I was. 

I had the same feeling of strangulation that I had 20 years years ago. On my fourth anniversary, to be precise. “Fourth anniversary?”, I thought to myself. It was few days less of my silver jubilee, for my 25th anniversary. I had been to the bank. And then, to the coffee shop. I came out crying. I broke down. And then I dashed into a speedy vehicle. Oh gosh. What did I do? Am I alive? What did happen afterwards? Why am I unable to move myself? Where am I lying? Someone please help me. I need to open my mouth. I need to talk. I need to get up. I need to talk my daughter. I can hear her sobbing. I can hear her. But all can do is think, think and just think. 

I lost count of the time. It just seemed ages. 

I could feel the prick and I guess I'm being injected with something. Mr Neeraj, I think we can take a deep breath now. Mrs Preet is responding to our medication. Her vitals are working fine. Let's wait and watch. I think that was the doctor. 

I kept trying to open my eyes. After what seemed to be ages, I managed to open my eyes. It was pitch dark. It seemed to at least. I could see the anxious faces looking at me. ...Neeraj, Anju. I sure gave them a tough time. 

"Hello. Preet beta. How are you feeling now? I'm glad you fought well and recovered so fast. It's a new life for you. Not everyone is blessed to get a second inning. Make the most of it and make your self proud and worth it. " Samir uncle was saying. "I'm glad Samir uncle you came over for dinner. I'm doing very well and recovered completely. Thanks to my dear family. They have been very supportive and encouraging. " I said as I looked at Neeraj with thankful eyes and a tear rolled down both our eyes. Neeraj came forward and kissed me gently on my forehead and said I love you. This never happened in 25 years. The accident changed things. My way of looking at things. It changed the way how, I from being too judgmental too often and how I misunderstood and basked in self pity at all times to letting go of things now; and also, Neeraj, who became more expressive, more communicative,  more loving and caring. God is indeed great I thought. 

Neeraj, I plan to start something on my own. I have much time at home and have nothing much to do with you and Anju being out most of the time. What I went through was a disaster and it opened our eyes. I don't want more Preets's to go and bang into the running cars or do something equally bad. Can I start doing something which can help people recover their loneliness and make most out of their time. Can I do something to bring smiles on the faces of the depressed? 

It's a fantastic move Preet! I'm glad you thought this way. I'll help you set up this help centre and will give you all the support you need. Let's build it together. 

Bindu was in tears by the time I ended telling her all this. She gave me a warm hug and in between tears, she said, "Preet, the best thing I did is to come to "hope within me". I'm glad you started this. I go back home with lots of strength and yes now there is hope within me. I'm the unstoppable now. 

My heart smiled and my eyes became moist when I saw a happy Bindu walking out the office room with a self-determination and head held high. There you go Preet! 

Yet another life saved. I patted my back.